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Hello. I am currently looking for a new guild. I've been in my current guild for several years now and it is time to move on. Many friends have gone and I am looking for a fresh start, for some fun in the game again.

I am 5/6H on Vaults, 4/6H on HoF and 4/4N on Terrace.

I work full-time M-F until 5pm PST. I am looking for a 25m guild with a raiding schedule on weekdays only that preferably ends by 9/930pm PST.

I look forward to seeing what kinds of guilds are out there. It's been a long time since I've joined a new one. Thank you.
Hey Pfeffernusse,

I'm part of a 25 man raiding guild <Advent>, that just transferred to this server and we are currently looking for dps and healers to fill our ranks. We are 16/16 normal and 2/16 heroics. Our raid days are Tuesday / Thursday / Sunday from 7pm to 11pm server time. If you are interested in joining I'd advise you to visit our website www.wowadventguild.com to get to know us a little better and put in an application for us to look over. Also feel free to pst me, Rynmoren, Ayrii or Kairei in game for any questions.
i didnt know you very well pfeff but from what little i did know you were pretty awesome best of luck in your guild search and sad to see you go =(

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