Warlock Demo threat generation need help

I've run two 90 MoP dungeons today. I go as a Demo warlock. I've got Dark Apothesis on and I use the Wrathguard.

On my first dungeon, the tank complained that I was pulling too much aggro and to turn off my pet's taunt. I've played a demo warlock for about three years so far and I've never had an issue with aggro unless I was severely overgeared. I've never had to turn off my felguard/wrathguard's aggro before.

In my second dungeon, I turned off the threatening presence. Even though the tank said that it was still on, I was told not only to come out of dark apothesis, but to put out my imp. It didn't really matter, since I only casted Corruption before the tank wiped us all.

My question is, should I just use a different demon in dungeons? Should I stay in Dark Apothesis? What am I doing wrong?
This made me LoL :) Yeah Dark Apothesis increases your threat generation by 500%, kinda like a pally's RF, so you would easily be pulling threat on any add your targeting. Dont use DA stance. You should definately keep Threatening Pressence off also. Only use these if your solo'ing or questing.
Trying to dps as Dark Apothesis form is kinda like trying to dps as a DK in blood presence...it's simply not made for that.

Says in the tooltip on DA form that it's 500% aggro boost, so you're rather oblivious, don't know how to read tooltips, or you are a terrible troll.

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