A 'Peak of Serenity' for the other classes

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02/17/2013 07:18 PMPosted by Dorcy
Basically Peak of Serenity is a "tutorial experiment" that I heartily approve of.

It's been said, but this was really awesome.

The fighting a master to help you master a certain ability and experience in when to use an ability. For Veteran players it might not be necessary, but for those people new to WoW it's awesome.

If this was done for every class and helped you learn key points and abilites of that class I think it would be enjoyable for new players and very informative. Plus enjoyable for Veterans.

For instance I know that Shamans and their totems sometimes just overwhelm me and I don't really like it, so imagine how a new player might feel. I know for some of you you might laugh and think that it's easy, but not for everyone. These ways could be a great way to help teach new shamans certain ways to use totems.

Might help make leveling an enjoyable experience.
Benediction, I want it back. It tested out the player skill which the quest was fairly hard. healing peasants and fighitng undead. If you failed, you felt like you failed and redoing the quest took 3 hour respawn wait as Eris Havenshire despawns upon failure.
*cough* Acherus and Moonglade *cough*
Rogues could be sent to Ravenholdt.
Mages already get teleport, but some sort of transdimentional pocket would be neat.
Warlocks get sent to the top of the Hand of Guldan.
Hunters to Scholazar or Un'Goro
Shamans get a volcanic islands with representatives of the elementals and ER
Warriors get an Arena, or Fray Island back
Priests and Paladins are the odd ducks out but they get class quests for whatever organization they are with.

/musing off
02/17/2013 03:13 PMPosted by Kynrind
The Shattered Hand was supposedly the Horde version of SI:7. Lately though they haven't done much. I don't think a secret version of the Kor Kron would work either.

They should be thankful for that if they're as incompetent as SI:7 is.
02/18/2013 12:23 PMPosted by Vyrin
They should be thankful for that if they're as incompetent as SI:7 is.

Shattered hand is hand over fist better than SI:7, they're never seen...
The Brawler's Guild seems more appropriate at this point for warriors than Fray Island did, but I don't want universally interchangeable content for every class, I'd like some distinctions rather than the homogenization that "balancing" can risk.

But the more racially specialized and class specialized content the better I think. I just want it to feel more like a cool idea that's appropriate more than a contrived niche every class needs to fill.
02/17/2013 09:32 AMPosted by Lena
The problem is that not every race/class combo has the same lore. Why would a troll priest, night elf priest, and human priest all go to the same location for training?

A temple dedicated to studying all the worlds spiritual philosophies.

Like, a school.
*Death Knights: Acherus

*Druids: Moonglade

Hunters: suggestions? This one I'm stumped. Maybe Grizzly Hills?

Mages: Dalaran, or some other mage association

*Monks: Serenity Peak

Paladins: Argent Dawn/Crusade "School"
Edit: maybe race specific, almost along with priests. Most channel the light in different ways

Priests: Individual places based on race

*Rogues: Ravenholdt or SI:7/Horde equivalent

Shamans: Maelstrom? or island nearby (Earthen Ring) though goblins could possibly be an exception

Warlocks: random piece of rock in the Twisting Nether

*Warriors: Frey Island

(*already exists/existed, so not too tough of effort to implement)

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