The Elemental Shaman Battle

Hey guys, so i've recently leveled my ele shaman in hopes to main it resto/ele for those fights that don't require 3 healers. When i first started gearing dps was low, and i thought "oh its just because i odn't have enough of x stat and should reforge y off" but that really wasn't the case. As i have poured over log after log and come to the realization that we are a good 10% behind the median of all dps. Not 1-% behind mages and locks, no the median. Now i'm not asking for ele to be made the best, nor should it be, but i am asking for a sustain buff. The buffs that Blizz has currently purposed on the PTR are you know, okay, not the best but okay. BUT it won't fix our current state of "hey i'm a burst class i'll do real dps every 3 minutes and then wet noodle dps till then." If i remember correctly the talent change was made so people weren't pigeon holed into takeing x talent because they had to, well in this case Blizz its like being forced to play enhance because the dps is so much higher, now thats a lot more than talents. When a 496 ilvl Ele shaman is getting beat by a 470 ilvl mage things aren't right, and that is seriously a depressing feeling. Having to explain to your raid leader that your current spec could be beaten by a mage being played by a toddler is also a VERY depressing feeling. So i would like to ask my fellow elemental shamans to speak up and be heard! Contribute to this thread with your ideas and what needs to be done to make this a much more viable spec and hope blizz will see it.
Arcane Mages and Affliction Locks are quite a bit ahead of the pack, But nerfs in 5.2 should bring them back down. Ele shams are in the bottom quarter of the pack however.

We provide some of the best utility however. Grounding, Tremor, Healing Tide, Dispell, Interrupt, Hex, Slow, Stun, Knockback, Off Heal In a Pinch.

Using our utility (which we do a fair bit) obviously lowers our damage, and is represented on the graphs. If we get to tunnel, we are right up there with everyone else. I'd still like to see us buffed a little though.
I tend to do okay on my ele shaman but I can certainly relate to being out dpsed by a undergeared mage or lock that can still numerically do better. Shaman feedback is very limited, there have been tons of threads posted about the state of ele and enhance in pve/pvp and the only real changes in the last month have been the lava burst change which is a good start but all in all isn't a major dps buff, they have said more is needed and will have to be put elsewhere, and the other is sham rage for ele. 5-10 posts of feedback for most other classes daily along with major overhauls, quality of life changes, and even entire new spells can make you feel a little under-represent.
While elemental is flat out behind many other specs, theoretically, you can really make up some of the difference with a well timed and well stacked ascendance. I was terribly unsatisfied with my dps this expansion until recently when I got my addon to track my procs right. Nowadays I use an ascendance/zerking macro since they have the same CD along with a + int use from a trinket and I stack those on top of a proc from either the jade spirit wep enchant and/or my other trinket's haste proc. DPS can spike to over 150k while it's all rockin and it can help recover from the otherwise pitiful dps of lightnig bolt filler.

You can also multidot to get more lava surge procs, that can up dps a lot when applicable.

Like it has been said though, elemental is just flat out weak this time around.

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