Fresh transfers (Enh Sham & Fury War) LFG

Hello. ^_^ We just transferred here (enhancement shaman and fury warrior, his armory isn't up yet and mine may be a bit outdated but i'll edit the link in later) and are looking for an active raiding guild. We're both currently at a 484 and 483 ilvl and are gearing fairly quickly considering I just returned to the game and he switched mains. Anyway, we prefer 10m but would not be opposed to 25m in the slightest.

Due to work schedules we would prefer a group that ends its raid around 10:30 est. If there are any questions please don't hesitate to ask here or whisper me in game. :)

Best of luck in your search. =)
If you are still looking, contact me i game. We are a small 10 m raiding guild but are always looking for quality players to help round out our spots. Would like to just talb to you and the warrior some more and see if it could be a good fit or not.


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