Alter time for arcane

okay this is purely how i find alter time to be the best.

flop out a rune of power
pop everything!
build 6 stacks of AB
press alter time and continue with 3 more arcane blasts
just before the time reverts, after the 3 Arcane blasts (sometimes 2) depending on proc's and buffs for haste; finish with your 2 stacks of arcane missiles

now your back to 6 stacks, all your current buffs and can bust out the two arcane missiles ( making 4 in a row) then burn down your mana to 230kish and then mana gem.

I know this probably isn't mathematically the best, but doing this has easily given me the biggest dps. i used to pop everything at the 6 stack before alter time, but with little haste this only works well with hero. ( that is if you mastery stack hard )

how do you guys bust out your alter time?
Build 6 stacks WITH 2 arcane missle procs, Arcane power, alter time, fire missles and 1-2 blasts and reset
Just before alter time ends, through out a Arcane Barrage then proceed to dps again as usual
with 6 stacks , and 2 AM procs available. i use a macro that pops arcane power, alter time and starts casting an arcane blast, then use both my missles then throw out a barrage. should reset right after the barrage to having 2 AM procs and 6 stacks. preferably used with hero and trinket procs to get an extra 6 seconds of the dps boosts
You need to have an addon that tracks your ICD procs. If you Alter Time before those go off, and they go off within the window, you lose the entire duration of that buff.

Myself, I'd have to wait for four procs: Both trinkets, Jade Spirit, and Lightweave.

That's just to max DPS, though. If you're bad and still doing normal modes, just wing it and no one will notice the difference.
In BGs as arcane, Alter Time lets me melt faces.

Invo, 6 stacks, 2 missiles procced, Frostjaw, all CDs, PoM
Alter Time, Deep (off GCD), instant Blast, 2x missiles, Barrage
Alter Time again, CS, instant Blast, 2x missiles, Barrage.

Usually kills people before I finish my rotation though. Works wonders when you can freecast

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