A - <Probably Harmless> LF Melee/Range DPS

Alliance guild <Probably Harmless> Is looking for DPS for our core raid team.

We need the following.

1 Shammy or Mage DPS. ( Prefer arcane mage )
1 Melee dps or Holy Pally.

We are currently 6 of 6 MSV and 3 of 6 HOF 10 man and looking to sure up some raiding spots.

We provide guild repairs for all runs and we provide flasks for all raiders. We are a tight community and many of us play other games with each other.

So in a effort to get peoples attention I will give 3k gold to any one who server transfers to Garona to raid with us. If you have any questions i will be online tonight Monday Feb 18th. from 5:30pm ( CST ) to 10:00pm ( CST ).

A little bit about us we have a hard core mentality with a laid back feel. We raid tue and thur from 7pm server ( CST ) to 11pm server ( CST ). In the past we have been a top 10 guild on Garona however due to player burn out we have not been able to stay competitive. And this is why i am turning to this forum to look for people.

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