Shattered Hand
Wow...I haven't done this probably since BC (oh the days I miss talking smack with Andrillex...good dude :D)...but yay!! I get to flame the noob who thought he could gank me :D.

Seriously dude, lesson one, unless you're in full PvP gear, don't try ganking someone who's questing unless you want to be camped and killed until it stops being funny.....and I laughed a LOT pwning your sorry !@#$, lmao. Even the ally lock knew you were stupid...which is why he watched me kill you lol.

Or maybe after the eighth or ninth time you're killed, look your predator up in the armory to see that he's a non-battle ground player with 5x your honorable kills lol.

Do some BGs and come back some day...my execute pinky is kinda sore :D.
True story...as I'm typing the doofus is shooting at me in the air while AFK:



LOL you suck :D.
World PvP smack talking. I miss this.
who's Bubear was that the panda hunter?
i saw him today at halfhill and laughed because i rememeber seeing the screenshots here.
Your cats are not amused sir.


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