[H] E Pluribus Unum (Third Group) Recruiting

Area 52
Recruitment is now open for our 10 man groups:

<E Pluribus Unum> was founded with the launch of WoW on the Bloodhoof server. We have been on the Area 52 server since 2007.
E Pluribus Unum's Philosophy:

This game - and this guild - is a place to come to for enjoyment and relaxation, but with each individual pushing the limits of the guilds capacity for Progression and remaining a competitive force on our Server. We expect and demand that each and every one of our members plays at their absolute best so that we can play on a schedule that allows balance with responsibilities outside of the game.
We started raiding for Mists of Pandaria on the 30th of October.
We have become a 10 man guild since the launch of Firelands. We have 3 10 man teams currently running on different schedules.
We are seeking the following:

Group C runs Monday and Thursday, 9:00pm-11:30pm server (US EST)
Third group is professional but casual, and our core group has been raiding together since ICC. We have cleared MSV and killed the first two in HoF. Our progression is limited by play time only, most of our raiders have restrictions on when we can play due to the dreaded RL. We are seeking at least one healer and a couple of caster DPS, perhaps one with a healer offspec. We currently do not have a Druid or a Warlock, either would be handy for a battle rez. Ideal candidates are respectful, mature, patient, and open minded, as well as meeting all other guild requirements (see below). Our core group does/has played just about every class/spec so coaching is available, and you will not be kicked for not doing optimal DPS. If you are interested and available at the stated raid times, please contact Omaplata in game, or post on our guild forum - epuguild.net/forum.

Maturity. We are primarily a group of adults - at least according to age - and every member should act accordingly. You should be a minimum age of 18 - if you are younger than that, your application must be above and beyond outstanding for us to consider you as a potential trail.

Team Play. We raid as a Team. Every member should always give their best every night - always pushing to further the guild over the individual wants.

Commitment. Every member should show up regularly and consistently to all raids, always prepared in every way possible. They also should strive to maintain and uphold our guild image at all times.

Knowledge. You should be a skillful player with a excellent grasp of your class and it's mechanics, as well as having a decent grasp of fight mechanics and how they will affect you and the raid as a whole.

We look forward to hearing from you!
<bump> We're still looking.
Due to some role shifting, now really just need a couple of solid DPS. Casters preferred, could still use a lock or Boomkin for battle rez. Also would not say no to a tank/w DPS offspec.

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