[A] 496 Rogue LFG (Exp: 5/6 H 2/6 H 4/4 N)

Hi All,

Looking to find a new guild to raid with in 5.2. My current guild is a great bunch of guys, but is falling apart.

About me: Been playing since beta, more of a casually minded/hardcore player. I'm very experienced and can bring exceptional DPS to a raid. I always come prepared and know all the fights ahead of time. Being 33 years old, I like to get raids done in a fun, but efficient manner as I have other obligations in my life other than the game.

My experience thus far is in Panda land tier 14 is in the subject: Done 5/6 Heroic, 2/6 Heroic, and 4/4 Normal modes. My guild was currently working on Lei Shei Heroic, so I'm experienced in that fight, too.

I prefer to raid only 2 to 3 nights per week (Monday through Thursday). Weeknights evening time work best. 10 man or 25 man is fine. The weekend is reserved for friends and family. I can occasionally make a 4th night or a weekend day if we're pushing progression hard.

Also, I'm not super concerned with your progression, however, I'd like to stay around where I am currently or a little less or a little more.

Links to World of Logs (look for Thanaroth):


You can reach me in game as Thanaroth on Lightbringer or Real ID: mhjanus@gmail.com

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