[H] Ginyu Force 5/16 Heroic, LF Raiders!!

Hello Zul’jin!! We wanted to introduce ourselves as we will be joining your community very soon and we are hoping to have the success here that we have always envisioned for our little guild. We are all formerly from a small guild on US-Norgannon called AVR. AVR has been together for a couple of years but as is the case in WoW we had some people who left for personal reasons, school, their significant other or whatever they thought it was necessary to quit WoW for and left a handful of us wondering what the hell to do next. Norgannon is a rather small server with low progression so finding quality raiders to raid with was becoming an issue so we pulled up stakes and landed here. We were Alliance on Norgannon we will all however be faction changing to Horde as the complete change of pace is what a lot of us are craving right now.

Here is our wowprogress link.

Raid Times
Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs from 11:30 PM Eastern - 2:30 AM Eastern.
Mondays will be an alt run, but we are still discussing our Monday night.

We will be raiding in 5.2 and are really hoping to find some new friends to join us.

Our progression for 5.0

4/6 H MSV
1/6 H HoF
4/4 normal Terrace with Elite Protectors.

We were 3rd on our server in progression which could have been better.
We had an influx of people in and out that slowed us down a tad but we are hoping to rectify that here. There are currently only 6 of us and we would like to run 10 mans with an eye towards 25 man raiding. We will all be transferring in the next couple of days and will have a guild up hopefully in the next 24 hours so we can begin again.

So with 10 mans in mind, here is what we need to fill a raid team

2 healers - Preferred Resto/Shaman with Ele offspec, Resto Druid, Disc priest with Shadow offspec
2 Ranged - Hunter and Warlock are preferred

Roles filled
Tanks – Guardian Druid and Prot Paladin
Healer Holy Paladin
Melee – Death Knight, Mistweaver Monk
Ranged – Mage (Fire/Arcane)

We are looking for quality raiders who know their class and can handle mechanics. Great DPS is, well, great but if you’re dead it means nothing. We really have an eye towards progression and we hope to make a dent in the excellent raiding environment this server seems to provide.

Feel free to add me on RealID, brauls92@gmail.com or our officer, briansbattlenet@yahoo.com
Bump, we are now horde and on this server ^_^
We'd love to hurry up and start raiding!
I just have to...

xD xD xD
Unfortunately, I'm not too hot about the name, but it's slowly growing on me.

Still looking.
rofl Love the pic Aloryn

We are still looking for a couple good players so hit us up if you are looking a guild to clear content on a non-hardcore schedule
What? Ginyu Force is an amazing name! Ginyu Force Rules!


If I were you, and if it were possible, I would have their theme song play any time there's three or more of you together in an area, then stop for a second and strike a pose.
^ XD That would be EPIC.

Btw, we are still looking

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