2300 this season resto shaman

Hey guys, Recently transferred here with my guild defeat.
"Transferred here to raid with my guild, stating this for the fact that everyone is tripping the !@#$ out and stating things that don't make sense to me. Yes I know tichondrius is a better server for pvp but I also enjoy pve.
So yeah, new to the server and don't know much of the community.
I'm 2300 This season in arena, originally from Tichondrius horde, I'm looking for players with similar experience from this season preferably and with Tier two.
Also, looking for a core rbg team preferably one with a leader who has minimum 2300+ experience.

I'm 2410 CR, 2300 this season in arena and multi glad/2400 on my shaman sitting on tich.
So if you're interested in playing with me add my battle tag dimsim#1909 or hit me up ingame, thanks
Welcome, and good luck getting a serious response.
Go back to tich.
02/19/2013 07:39 PMPosted by Tainaqt
Go back to tich.

Probably the best bit of advice there is.
Welcome to barthilas!
Where's Adjacent at?
Welcome. You may realize you get blamed for wintrading if you have higher rating then jelly people.
Looks legit. Come to alliance.
Lol all the shams like gtfo.
superior shamans like kera and i sometimes find it within our hearts to help other shamans who wish to follow in our footsteps
We voting on giving this guy a seal of approval to operate on our realm?
His armory has no obvious signs of win trading, earnt himself a nice 2.2k achievement in 3s and I think this guy is most likely legit.

Id welcome him to Alliance.
Can i come alliance?
can u carry me
Can't tell if serious or not
02/20/2013 02:51 AMPosted by Jovial
Can't tell if serious or not

Me? I don't troll my fellow good players, I only troll exploiters and wintraders. I was serious when I said I am glad to see more good legit players on Barth.

Same, lets just hope he isn't another Enigma or join Aesthetics.
Don't intend on joining any pvp guilds, doesn't seem to be any decent ones anyway.
My guild transferred over recently we're 13/16 heroic, just looking for people to play with during down time and push 2200+ next season.

Thanks for the welcoming, might be joining my core rbg team from last season.
Though still looking for arena partners, played with only scrubs so far.

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