H Korgath Paying for transfer for Boom/resto

Burning Legion
Will pay for a server / race transfer for a boomkin/resto and a Mage

Progression grp stuck in HoF looking for 2 competent players for fill roles of two not so competent players.
Priority goes to a boomkin with a resto offspec (very very rare will you heal) but we lost our mage to irl things as well.
We can potentially pay for a race and or server transfer if you are seriously interested.The current grp is lacking the correct composition to progress farther.
DPS is not an issue, currently the problem lies with the correct mix of ranged and melee that is giving us trouble.
We have 3 tanks and 5 healers at our disposal with in guild but DPS on Korgath seems scarce.
Requirements : Must be able to raid Tuesday/Thursday 8-11 server Sunday 8:30-11 server.
480+ iLVLHoF xp 3/6 (we no longer run MV as we are trying to push through HoF).
Ventrilo with headset (no mic required but sometimes we want to hear the sexy person on the other end.)

We can create a parse for you.
Food buffs are free.
Most pots are free.
500gold daily repair bill for raiders.
All enchants and gems free to raiders.
Crafted gear is free.

Add Malvicious#1424 to your real ID to reach me.
Why are you posting on our server if you're recruiting for Korgath? This is a realm forum, not guild recruitment.
why would anyone transfer to a guild that can't even down HoF

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