Do I want ret gear to tank?

Reading up on tanking and I hear haste/mastery is the way to go. Does this mean if I had a choice between haste/master or dodge/parry, I should go with the dps itemized gear instead?

Havent tanked since BC heroic days :)
Haste/Mastery leads to a lot of mitigation and more fun with the rotation, so it's perfectly fine to tank with (though you want to focus mainly on capping Hit/Expertise first at 7.5% each, and then possibly going on with expertise hard capping at 15%). Dodge/Parry is still good, it's just that it's on a lower priority right now than it is for next patch, where Dodge/Parry will have some use (procs Grand Crusader).

TLDR: Don't fret too much about which tanking gear to use, simply go for whichever is an upgrade, but also keep in mind that if you do go the Haste/Mastery route that you're in competition with other DPS specs looking for that very gear.
Ah, well its nice to know I have options at least. I've been tanking on my monk thus far this expansion so I am used to seeing every agility item as an upgrade lol.
The most popular gearing strategy seems to be:

- hard cap hit at 7.5%
- hard cap expertise at 15%
- favour mastery and haste wherever possible
- gem and enchant to stack stamina
- don't worry too much about dodge or parry
- avoid crit and/or reforge out of it

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