installing disc 1 going stupidly slow

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i reformatted my hard drive and im to the point where im installing wow all over again. installing the 1 disc of mop since it has all the previous xpacs, but it's installing really slow. i have pretty fast internet and it went from 0.1% to 0.2% in like five mins. what do i do?
It seems to go very slow at the beginning. Check that your antivirus isn't scanning the files.
haven't downloaded any antivirus to make wows download go smoother. apparently that didn't work
in 10 mins ive gotten .2% can anyone tell me a reason this would be happening?
I think some Mop discs have all the wow files. And other Mop discs is nothing but a download client. I hear from both sides.. Fast...and...Slow...

The first thing the MoP installer disk does is connect to the internet and download the latest version of the game launcher. It then installs data from the installer disks and patch data from the internet. If you're getting stuck that early in the installation, then there's an issue with that initial download of the game launcher.

Do you have a broadband internet connection? Was the installer launched by right clicking and selecting run as admin? Are you using a campus network?
ive got brand new cable that i had just got 2 days ago and i it was opened by just putting the disc in and the install box just popping up, after i press install the very first download that pops up is the one that is going really slow. it makes me switch to disc 2 at like 1%. i think it took me around 30-40 mins to get to 4%. apparently i have to restart the WHOLE download all over again too because when i was out shopping my power cut off and on and none of the first download was saved. sorry took me long so respond valentines day and all.

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