How hot should CPU be running?

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Alright, I just threw together a new PC. I'm just wondering what kind of temps you guys think wow should be causing the CPU to sit at. I'm using speedfan right now, and its telling me that...

system - 33C
CPU - 56C
GPU - 64C
Core 0 - 74C

I'm using an i5-2500k (stock cooler, not overclocked at the moment), AMD 7950, and an asrock extreme 4.

Thanks for the help.

Edit: Also, slightly off topic. This is my first personal gaming PC. Is there any way to keep my FPS constant. Last night on full pop tichondrius shrine I was running around 40-60 FPS (which seems pretty good to me) but occasionally the FPS would take a big dip for a second, to as low as 20-30. The 20-30 fps doesn't bug me, but the massive change causes a hang in the system.
The intel stock cooler seems to leave a bit to be desired on the new processors. They run hot.

Lets use HWMonitor to see what kind of temps you are hitting ingame.

Download HWMonitor here: (free)

Install and run on desktop.It will record min/max temperatures of various sensors your system might have. The ones I am interested in on the Processor Core temperatures and Video Card temperatures (video card may not show).

Leave it running on desktop and go play for a few minutes - run around fight a few things. Then Tab out and look at the temperatures I mentioned.

Report the min/max temperatures here - celcius is good.

Regarding the FPS drops - that could well be temperature related. What video card do you have installed?
The pre-laid out thermal paste that the stock CPU fans come with, is insanely cheap and doesn't work too well.

I encountered this issue as well when I built my first computer. I alleviated this issue, by completely removing that thermal paste, and slapping some Arctic Silver 5 onto it and haven't had an issue since.

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What video card do you have installed?

OP stated that he/she is using an AMD 7950.
Ahh okay - I missed that. I was thinking "Adaptive Vsync" scratch that idea.
Sorry left the house for a bit, running it now, will report back in 10 minutes or so. I'll try to get some time in over at shrine.
Also I did apply some thermal paste to the cpu (the cpu was slightly used before I got it, so I got some cheap thermal paste from best buy, but it was not arctic silver).

edit: The brand was dynex
No one would argue that Arctic silver is one of the best. Long as you applied it correctly though it should do the job. The Arctic silver website has some good application instructions for various processors.

Let's see what temps you hit then go from there.

I thing - turn speedfan monitor off when you are using hwmonitor. Two monitors running can mess with the readings.
Alright so I went and did alysrazor (2 man), then sat at shrine for a bit, and finally went to stormwind. Here are the results.
Min/Max MIN ---- MAX
Core#0 - 42C ---- 82C
Core #1 - 38C ---- 82C
Core#2 - 40C ---- 83C
Core#3 - 38C ---- 87C
Package 44C ---- 87C

As for GPU 45C ----- 61C

edit: and it got rid of my formatting....
2nd edit: Couple of changes, maxes are slowly going up.
Those are hot - I would try either reseating the heatsink or go pick up a new one.
Alright, another slightly off topic question. I think my brother has a cooler master hyper 212 laying around, do you think it'd be pretty easy to install that without removing the motherboard? My case has a fairly large cutout, but I wondering if people do this often.
Well, I just ran 25 man raidfinder. It was actually only sitting at around 80C across the board, so slightly less than stormwind.
The cooler master fits - it would be a definite improvement. Check Arctic Silvers website and follow the instructions for the paste.

I was doing some reading - there seems to be quite the debate on max temp for the 2500k. Intel pegs it at 72.6c - Folks claim 80c - 85c is fine. I think you would see processor degradation if you ran it at those temps. The cooler master should fix that problem anyhow.
You will have to remove the mobo to mount the 212+ properly. There is a bracket that goes on the under side of the board. Make sure you clean off both the CPU and heatsink before applying new paste
For applying the thermal paste, less is usually more -

Just make sure that when you do the thermal paste, you don't leave huge areas open like I did at first. I later added more, and spread it out a bit more for better coverage.

Put it on, then spread it across the CPU with an old credit card or debit card, making sure its even, and really thin.
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Alright, I'll probably end up doing it this weekend. These temps are starting to scare me, I've gotten up to 97C on two of the cores.
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Alright, I'll probably end up doing it this weekend. These temps are starting to scare me, I've gotten up to 97C on two of the cores.

Uh, yeah.. Shut that down. That's way too high.
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Alright, guess I need to do this asap.
If your case has a big enough cut out that you can install the back bracket then it's doable, but not recommended. Drop anything from the back side and you'll be pulling the motherboard out anyway... probably.

The stock cooler Intel provides with new CPUs is horrid. You'd think with as much cash as you handed them for that CPU they could splurge on a $15 heatsink instead of the $2 one they give you.

As said before, the 212 is a really good cooler and worlds better then what Intel gives you.

And yeah those are some scary temps. I have my old Q9550 C2Q OCed to 3.6GHz ( 27% OC) and max at about 67C while stress testing the CPU. Your temps almost make me think one of the push tabs on the stock heatsink have poped up, letting the heatsink move. Either that or the plastic over the TIM they have on the stock sink wasn't removed before installation, it happens.
Use lint free paper - coffee filters work - rubbing alcohol 99% is best. Clean both the heatsink and processor. If some has squeezed out around processor clean it out of there with a q-tip cotton swab.

"Tin" the surfaces like Ressie explained with a plastic card - wow game time cards have a second use here.

The cooler-master should give you a little room to dabble in some overclocking. The 2500k is a nice overclocker.
Thanks for all the advice guys! Hopefully this thing will be up and running again soon.

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