bored playing solo

So my guild is pretty much dead im the only one that logs on ever and im looking for some people to play with. This game is so much fun when there is a sense of community but as of late I have found that all anyone wants to do is progression raiding. No I dont want to wipe on the same boss for 3 hours a night for 3 days straight before killing it and not getting the loot i need. Saying that I am looking for a guild that does things other than raiding.I want a guild that doesnt use guild chat and instead uses vent/teamspeak software to chat.I want a guild that helps each other.let me know what you have. i have a few different alts for tanking and healing.again, NO PROGRESSION RAIDING GUILDS
Our guild is a newly formed guild for members who are looking to raid on weekends.

That being said it is currently my wife and I and we certainly spend more time doing non rate related things than we do raiding.

We spend a lot of time farming for Transmog or doing professions and I would also like to do some guild PVP.

If you are looking just for active players to hang out with we are on virtually every night.

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