How to not feel like tissue paper in PvP?

I've been playing S Priest for a while now (up to lv56), and what I've increasingly noticed is that if more than one melee (or hunter) so much as look at me then I explode. I don't have any movement abilities, Fade only lasts for 3 seconds and only works against some CC, and if they're still on me after I waste my two fears then what else can I do? I wind up chain casting PW:S and FH, praying that someone from my team gets to me in time to change the tides of battle.

I try to fight back sometimes, but then I get either locked out of Shadow school or killed before I can actually get my DoTs up.

I'm not saying this happens in every single skirmish..but in a number of them with strong melee, this is how they tend to go. Advice, please?
I would love to help you, but there is nothing I can teach you that will stay relevant upon the release of 5.2
change talents and glyphs depending on what you fight..

roots and SW:I against melee, since you most likely wont be getting many VTs off anyways..
at lvl 60 it will get easier to play this way, since MB will proc off the SW:P and you can sometimes put out a lot of pressure without casting anything.

When 5.2 comes out, just play affliction, since its the same thing with better mobility, healing, and survivability :)
I haven't tried Void Tendrils yet. Psyfiend has turned the tables when it's an even fight, but if the enemy has better gear then it's often turned out to be a non-factor. I'll try out VT, same for SW:I.

Any other tips?
there can be no other solid tips given. they're nurfing one of our most defensive abilitys into the ground because qq'ers didn't like having to stand for 3 seconds looking like '!@#$% while being pre-dotted so the priests can atleast get procs while he's about to get rolled... phantasm will be missed :-\

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