DK Tank and Monk LF Heroic Raiding Guild


We are both looking for a solid heroic raiding guild as we have tried what we can with our current team. I have been GM/Raid leader for many years and have come to a point where i cannot do anything else to push the guys to be as committed as me and my Monk mate. We have cleared 16/16 normal (yes no heroics - due to the rest of the team with attendance and attitude.) We are both more then capable at heroic raiding level as we previously have been doing heroics. We recently changed servers with the best raiders we had however due to our progress, recruiting is extremely difficult and it is time for us to join a stable reliable guild. We both strive to be the best we can and do everything in our power to provide the greatest commitment in a raid.

<ilvl Deathbrngr (496) Lightpaw (490 tank/dps heals 483)>

We log, we research i record fights and we have stable internet connections.
Our ui's have matured a lot and are at a very stable highly effective point for raiding. As a tank i take pride in knowing as much i can during encounters and my ui has given me this ability.

What we can offer

    Mature and experienced raiders

    Ability to exceed expectations

    Always ontime for raid unless top otherwise

    Tank together or monk can heal or dps

    Prepared with flasks/food/pots

    Take criticism well

    Positive pattionate attitude towards progression raiding and the guild in general

    Ability to raid lead and help in many ways

    Greatly motivated to progress

Raid times

We both live in Australia myself in NSW and light in WA. Times we can make are:

8-12 SVT (GMT+10 Sydney time - Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs, more can be arranged if needed)

We will not let any team down and will be great to have. We have logs,vids and ui pictures if needed.

If you wish to talk to myself you can contact me on realid Thesmack#1279.
If you'd like drop an app in to i know both group 1 and 2 are looking for tanks.

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