Do Ethereals eat or sleep? ((OOC))

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Not sure if this goes here or in the story forums... but thought I'd have people weigh in.

I've been writing/RPing a storyline with Roulette here in which she has an Ethereal compatriot/partner in crime. I'm having a lot of fun with it, Goblins and Ethereals are delightful schemers. Course there's also a lot of holes in the lore for Ethereals. I can afford to be vague about K'aresh details and culture, things like that, as it suits the character. But eating and sleeping are kind of a big deal and really handy to know.

I've gotten all I can out of Wowpedia, which basically says "Maybe."

Ethereals appear to need to eat and drink, with their vendors selling specialty bread and drinks not found on vendors of other races. Based on the foods Eyonix sells and their interest in gems, it could be thought they eat them and precious metals. Alternatively, Ethereals may not eat at all and sell food only for the sake of the more corporeal beings with whom they trade and interact. It is not known if they sleep, for even if they have inns, it could be stated that they do only for business purposes with other races; however it is more likely that they do not need rest, since their encampments lack true shelter or any form of relief.

If Ethereals ever became playable, I would totally roll this character and I would assume that sleep and eat emotes would be included. But that's a really big if and I'm not sure I should take that leap or not. What can I say, I'm a stickler! Consuming gems certainly sounds interesting though I have no idea how that would work given they have no mouths or teeth or stomachs. :P

So... yeah, I'm a bit stumped. Any thoughts, input, advice, are welcome!
They don't sleep.

Rogue Legendary quest where you need to pay 10k gold to activate some ring to read a scroll. There is a second option that says this:

"I'll kill you in your sleep!"

When you click on it, he says:

"Oh, well good thing I don't sleep then."

So no, they don't sleep.
Ah, I'd never seen that! Awesome, thank you!

Now I just need to figure out the food situation! ^_^
02/15/2013 01:43 AMPosted by Roulette
Consuming gems certainly sounds interesting though I have no idea how that would work given they have no mouths or teeth or stomachs. :P

Perhaps their consumption turns the gem into raw arcane energy? That would sound fitting to me, given that we PCs augment our skills with the magic of gems, and mages can use a conjured gem to store mana.

I suppose you could say the same for food and drink that carry magical energy or chemical properties beyond what you typically find.
I think it would have to! The mana gem comparison is very helpful!

I'd already been using that idea a bit for my Observer, since they eat magic so to feed a baby mana potions and gems seemed like a logical way to go. I don't know why I hadn't made that connection as far as Ethereals go. I guess maybe because HOW an Observer eats -even if it is magic- is pretty obvious. Slurp, chomp, chomp!

There's also Ethereal Liqueur, which proves that they do for certain drink. Not sure how I missed that either. It even says that it may have an odd effect on "fleshy imbibers" which suggests that Ethereals drink it too, just without the weird side effects.

Thanks guys! I added the in game clues here to the wowpedia page to help out others with these questions. :)
They probably feed on energy. That seems like a reasonable enough explanation. Raw energy or contained in some things like mana gems.

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