<Annihilus> Selling Heroic MSV Run

Looking to sell a Heroic MSV raid spot for 100k gold.

Next Run will be Monday 3/4 at 6pm Server.

Whisper me in-game if interested. (Add my battle tag if I am not online): Zillions#1522.
To secure their spot, buyer must provide 50% deposit of their bid at time of bid.*

No minimum gear/role requirement for Buyer. Buyer will be present for all heroic kills and have whatever loot he or she desires.

*Buyers forfeit their deposit in the event of a no-show or cancellation, or other circumstances that prevent them from being able to zone in to the instance.

Looking to take bids for our next run on Monday, 2/25.
Still accepting bids for Monday 2/25.
Accepting bids for Monday 3/4. This is one of your last chances on the achievement: Cutting Edge: Will of the Emperor
PST me if interested. 100k.

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