Divine Purpose Proc rate?

There is no mention of this in the tooltip but I was wondering if Divine Purpose had a higher proc rate depending on how much holy power you have/spend to set it off.

The point of this being, would it be better to just spam WoG with 1 holy power to have more chances for a free 3xWord of Glory. Or should I build up 3+HP for the higher invested WoG with a chance of a free 3xWoG?
Yes, it does. It's ~8% at 1 HP and ~16% at 2 HP.
But only up to 2 HP (not 3-5), so for a total of +-41%?

Be nice if it was a stacking 8-10% per holy power up to 5 as to Be able to force the divine proc a bit more.
It caps at 3 (so a maximum 25% chance).
well 5 for holy.
I mean the proc chance caps at 25% (or the equivalent of 3 HP), not HP itself.
oh so your saying you can only build up to the 25% thats in the tooltip, or an additional 25% of that? 25% chance with no HP, 50% chance with 3 HP?
It's 8% at 1HP, 16% at 2HP, and 25% at anything higher than that.
Or in other words, it only cares how much HP you SPEND. How much you have stored is irrelevant. This is also why Divine Purpose can proc itself; it doesn't care if you actually have any Holy Power, just that you're casting a "counts as 3-HP" spell.

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