Pinning a .ink file to Windows 7 Taskbar

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Currently I run npcscan and npcscan overlay on WoW and i was getting annoyed about going into the folder and deleting the creature cache everytime, so I made a batch file to auto delete the file and then run wow-64.exe in the file. I want to pin this to the taskbar but you can't because it's a batch file. So I made a shortcut thinking I'd be able to pin it and i can't. Is there a way to pin it or change the shortcut (it's a .ink file) to the taskbar?
You can't pin batch files or shortcuts to batch files to the taskbar.

HOWEVER, there is a way around it. Get this. It will let you turn the .bat into an .exe that you can pin.
Ahhh ok, thank you very much. There is another way but it involves actual programming and I know nothing about it.

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