Need help buying a Laptop.

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Hi, I'm in need of buying a laptop. My budget is no more than $650 (tax must be included in that budget, if it's a few dollars more, then maybe I can increase the budget).

I will mostly be using it for playing WoW and Diablo 3 in terms of gaming, so I assume it won't need to be beefy to run well -- but I wouldn't mind having the ability to play the more intensive games, either.

I would like to be able to run multiple applications as well (game + music + web browsing + etc). I like to stream movies as well, so I can live without a Blue Ray (DvD is a must, of course).

Oh, and I wouldn't mind looking into refurbished laptops if the store is reputable and I am able to return it if it doesn't work. I saw this one, but it doesn't have any reviews or anything, so I don't know if it's good or not:

Thanks in advance!
You really should stay away from integrated intel gpus.

A few laptops from newegg in that price range:

This is one I got last week actually and it is running great. I don't recall the fps but I get good enough on good-high graphics.

I dont know much about a 610m card so def. research that.

Has a better gpu with a smaller hd and a worse cpu from the looks of it when compared to the first one I linked.
Thank you for the response, Hiroran.

I was looking at the first you gave me, and the website shows other products at the bottom that people looked at.

This caught my attention as it is only a few dollars more and it seems to have a better processor and more storage space (I'm not tech savvy, so I'm not sure if it actually is better).

Could you look it over and see if it's decent? And what about the link I posted in the original?

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