[A] <No Quarter>(25) 4/13 H LF Range DPS

<No Quarter> Tichondrius Alliance.

Raid times: Sunday-Thursday 5-9 PST
*Additional raid days may be scheduled during high progression pushes starting at 5 server
**Raids may go longer then posted

-We are a progression based raiding guild with the goal of maintaining a high level of performance and skill. We are looking for exceptional applicants who want to be apart of a hardcore raiding guild and push progression content as it is released with the goal of being a top world guild.

Our History:
Our raid core has a diverse amount of raid experience stretching across several different MMO's. Many of our players began raiding back when Everquest launched and have been raiding for almost fifteen years.

No Quarter itself formed in Rift where we were on of the top end raiding guilds in the game. We had an infamous reputation in that game as being over the top and having as much fun as we can while maintaining a high level of play. Our accolades in Rift include:

-Hammerknell(Tier 2) World 10th Akylios
-Infernal Dawn(Tier 3) World 2nd Laethys
-Infernal Dawn(Tier 3) World 1st Maelforge
-Frozen Tempest(Tier 4) Server 1st/NA 2nd Crucia
-Endless Eclipse(Tier 4) NA 1st /World 2nd Regulos

We left Rift shortly after its first expansions launch due to a dying community and excessive encounter bugs. We moved back to World of Warcraft a month before 5.2 dropped and have come very far very quickly.

Currently we are 4/13 Heroic Throne of Thunder.

Our Expectations of our raiders:
We expect all of our raiders to be on time and 100% ready for progression. This doesn't only mean an appropriate number of flasks and potions, 100% durability, and most distractions taken care of. This means a fully focused mind with the sole purpose of having fun and helping the guild progress on content. This means studying fights as much as possible. We know that new content doesn't have youtube videos or written guides, but there is always something out there because of open PTR testing.
We expect dedication to your fellow raiders, your leaders, officers, and to yourself. Be dedicated enough to yourself that only the best performance is good enough. If you make a mistake it hurts you and you seek out how to fix it. You accept responsibility and constructive criticism because you care about yourself and how you contribute to your guild. Be proud of your guild and have its best interest at heart. Being well-prepared, on time, and focused are just the very first steps you will take to helping the guild succeed.

Our raider's expectations of No Quarter:
No Quarter provides a home to those with similar mindsets. Adults that enjoy the game and want to relax after a long day of work by killing some bosses or extremely competitive individuals who look to prove themselves wherever they go. As long as you have the ambition and the drive for raiding you are welcome here. Our raiders expect good leadership that knows when to cut someone who isn't good enough or is holding our raid back. We have this. Our raiders also expect the guild to provide most consumables at reduced prices from the Auction House. We do this. However, if you contribute to the guild bank the guild will take care of you and offer consumables free of charge. You pitch in and we return the favor. If this all sounds good, plus an environment where you can be one of the first to beat content others won't see for months, then come join apply.

We are currently looking to recruit:

Brewmaster Monk
Protection Paladin

Range DPS:
Mage (High)
Elemental Shaman (Med)
Hunter (Med)
Balance Druid (Low)
Warlock (low)

Restoration Druid (Med)
Mistweaver Monk (High)

If you have any questions contact Myrkel (battletag Myrkul#1849) in game or apply at NQguild.com
Still looking for range dps
Still need range dps.

Mages are high priority.
All normal content cleared, starting Heroic next lock out.
Come on ranged dps, laughs, an active guild and progression awaits you.
Have you heard about NQ's DPS?
Im very interested. Im at work atm so I will apply when I get home. Hope to be raiding with you guys soon!
Bump for range dps
Now 5/6 Heroic MSV
Bump, looking for some melee dps
Hey, we still have a few spots for 25M. Apply now.
looking for a rogue, monk and ele shaman
Looking for a prot pally
3 Bosses down in Throne of Thunder 25

Really need a skilled Mistweaver monk, Rogue, and paladin tank.

Gear is not an issue if you can meet our raid times.
Hey, Billy Mays here! Just bumping this because we have some class openings!

Great to see a very good Rift guild back in the gaming community.
looking for a mistweaver and rogue
still looking for a mistweaver and rogue.
Looking for a dps warrior, rogue and mistweaver.

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