The Crimson Tide [H] 8 / 16

The Crimson Tide of US-Darkspear has been running since late BC. We started in 25 man progression in Wrath and switched down to 10 man in Cataclysm for a more intimate raid setting. Our raids have no breaks in the action as they're set at a grueling pace. Our raid leader, Eliaegl, has run the guild and raids for all 5 years and boasts two Gladiator Titles, Hero of the Horde, and Realm First 90 DK. Before Crimson Tide, he ran a classic HWL group and raids in the smaller formats since 2005.

Players seeking the opportunity to raid with Crimson Tide should be excited about raiding, masters of their DPS rotations and healing triage, and always seeking new ways to improve themselves. While our raiding environment is serious and mature, there's plenty of fun and silly to go around. See Banefire or Eliaegl on US-Darkspear for more information and to schedule an interview. If you pass the interview, you'll be taken on a trial run where you will be accepted or declined immediately following. Cross realm applicants weary of the cost of transfer may opt to do a LFR trial.
This is Crushridge, we don't take kindly to others. Please leave now. I'll leave you with this.
Bro, we been on this server for 8 years. We can't find anyone good here. Move along.
Darkspear Horde actually exists?? woaaaaaa
Are you recruiting any tanks at all?

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