best race for mage on alliance

Whats the best race for a mage plz help
Human. The racial is just too good
The food buff for pandaren is pretty nice.
Worgen for Fire PVE
For PVP, go human for their escaping racial.

For PVE, Gnomes have a nice intel boost which is great all around for any mage spec (especially arcane, more mana = more powa + arcane is top DPS atm). Worgen have a nice crit boost and a mini-sprint cooldown, which is perfect for fire (Fire uses crit for more DPS). However, for the time being, fire is nerfed to the ground and mages are about to get their own mini sprint.

I'd say gnome for PVE, but to be honest--

02/18/2013 02:43 AMPosted by Zarze
Whatever you want to stare at for the rest of your life.

--would be the best advice.
For PVE, Gnomes have a nice intel boost

No, Gnomes have a 5% Mana Pool increase. It used to be intellect. a 5% mana increase does not yield more damage. Infact, for arcane it would require you to recover more mana to be at 100% mana for the mastery, which wouldn't help your DPS since the mastery is based on a percentage of your mana, not the actual amount in the pool.
Unless you're in a top 100 raiding guild going for world first, it doesn't matter what race you pick.

pvp it's human for the extra trinket slot.

But really in the end, it's what you want to look at for hours on end.
go gnome or go home

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