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Hi there,

Rise to Honor is looking for more adult, mature, fun loving people to join our family. We are a family-style guild with a lot to offer:
- Fun people that care about the people they play with on a personal level.
- Progression raiding team.
- Looking to begin a casual raid night.
- Achievement / Mount Run night. A laid back night where we just kick back, relax, and try to obtain mounts.
- Guild repairs, healthy bank access, etc.
- Website, Ventrilo, etc.
- Strong leadership team that cares about the guild on a deep level and those in it.

There are hundreds and hundreds of posts on here, so let me get to what's important. We strive in Rise to Honor to create a caring, friendly, family environment. We're currently looking to expand, which doesn't happen often, so now is a chance to become part of something truly special. If you're looking for a guild where no one knows your name, this is NOT it! Nor should you hope to come in and abuse people (aggressive people and moochers need not apply). Come check us out and help us grow our family!

Check out our website or contact me directly in game or via email!


Thanks for your time!
Bump Bump.
We're still looking for new family members to further extend our group. We've got some really good people in R2H. Looking to add a few more! Not to mention, we have a mount raffle coming up :)

Check us out! And then contact me in-game, via email, or through our website.

If your looking for a friendly guild, where u will not just be one of 999, where u are not just a number.. come give Rise to Honor a try.. we Raid, get together in vent, have casual activities...
And Free hot dogs!!! Did someone say... BACON???
Come join in the depravity and mayhem! Lots of fun in game questing, raiding, group LFR and on vent.

Plus Baitrakruk aka Bait loves to give out his cookies!!
mmm...we have crispy bacon...bacon wrapped scallops...bacon on my burger...bacon bacon bacon!
Wow! That's a lot of Bacon references! On a serious note though... BACON!
Still looking for fun, mature, easy going people that love Bacon :)

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