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Defiant has for the last four years been widely known as a large, friendly, and organized guild. We are the only guild to consistently run 4+ individual raid teams to accommodate our members. Our raid teams raid on two set nights per week.

Loot is simple. MS > OS with a / roll. We have not had issues in using this system for years.

We are looking for some solid and skilled people to fill out our PvE Raid rosters. We are not looking for players with big egos, elitists, or people that in general need to have stuff go their way every time they log on. We place a high value on friendly and mature people. Available roster spots can be found on our website forums.

We also have an active PvP community and are in the process of setting up a second RBG team. Again, details can be found on our website.

Feel free to fill out an app at:


All max level friendly and mature people looking for a home are welcome to apply.

Current PvE needs for our four 10 man teams:

Ranged DPS:
Mage/Lock/Boomkin/Spriest (Thurs/Friday Raid)
Resto Druid/MW Monk (Thursday/Friday Raid)
Rogue/DK (Thursday/Friday Raid)
Hunter (Wednesday/Sunday raids - compwise you need to bring a crit pet)
Prot Paladin/Prot Warrior(Tuesday/Wednesday Raid)

We are always recruiting interested players, and will form additional raid teams if we acquire enough sub raiders!

Bump for updated needs & inquiry on interest in an additional raid team.
*cough* Oops.

I had a couple of whispers that I missed last night while raiding (one in particular regarding a small group of players). I didn't have an opportunity to respond at the time, and then I stupidly re-logged without writing down your names.

Please contact me again, or PM me on my guild's forum and we can chat.

Updated needs.

Please note that we're a very active guild with a large (albeit casual) raiding playerbase - as such, we do see a fair amount of turnover for all classes/roles - just because we're not actively recruiting for your class/role right now doesn't mean a spot won't open up soon. Additionally, if we get enough subs in line for raid spots, we're always willing to start up another team.
Still recruiting for a couple of open spots & possibly forming a 5th raid team!
Do you guys raid at friday and/or saturday?
We have a team that raids on Thursday/Friday. No teams raid on Saturday. Unfortunately, the Thurs/Fri team is in need of a melee dps only, preferably a Rogue.

Please feel free to check out our rosters on the forums at:

02/18/2013 09:20 AMPosted by Chrysanna

to see if any other raid teams/times might work for you. Right now we have very few subs, and anyone that subs for us is first in line for a spot as soon as someone steps down or is removed.
Still need a Mage/Lock for Wednesday/Sunday.
Still need a Pally/Druid/Monk(Healer) & Shaman(Elemental) for Tuesday/Wednesday.
Still need a Rogue for Thursday/Friday.

Also recruiting for RBG teams - see our Guild forums our seek out Goregoyle, Icefeather, or Katiannah in game.

Always accepting Maximum level players looking for a home.

Apply at:

Top post updated for needs.
Updated for needs
Happy Monday!
Happy patch day!
Atonement bug makes me sad, but I hear it's patched, so that makes me happy.
Still looking for a ranged caster for our Thurs/Fri team
Top Post updated!

Looking for a ranged caster - Thus/Fri
Looking for a hunter - Wed/Sun
Top Post updated!
Once I hit page 2 I'm starting a new post...
4+ raid teams but only one person bumps the post!

I talk to myself on our Guild Recruitment thread if it makes you feel better.
I talk to myself on our Guild Recruitment thread if it makes you feel better.

I know that feel
WoW forums still exist? OMG BUMP

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