Pally Tank LF Weekend guild-7/16HM exp.

Character: Orÿx (152)
Progression: 16/16,4/16HM down, 7/16HM exp-(4% Bladelord, Kings and extensive progression on Lei Chi)
Preferred Raid Times:Non-Tuesday/Weekend 10m or 25m
Age/Sex: 22M

Now that we got the basics out of the way, I'm looking for a progression minded guild with at least 4/16H down/farm. I may consider going 3/16H but it would be on a circumstantial basis. I'm willing to go through any application process just thought posting here might be a further aid in finding a decent guild. Last expansion I was 8/8H and raided in a realm 11 guild on Sargeras (Death Star Driveby) and I also have extensive experience with realm top 20, weather or not that means anything. My tank also possess a 491 Ret offspec that is good to go. I'm currently on Mal'Ganis but can transfer over at any give time. You can best reach me on my LiveID: or post here. Thanks.

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