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I suppose any school of magic capable of manipulating and sequestering the soul could be used to achieve something approximating lichdom.

The most obvious methods are the Arcane and Fel schools of magic which dabble in soul manipulation and necromancy, but if the Light can be used to preserve and protect the soul, I see little reason it couldn't also be used by a particularly determined priest to preserve a soul within an artifact, relic or holy icon.

That said, you might be more likely to see other schools of magic dabble in pseudo-lichdom, such as Voodoo, shamanism (via the spirit of the wilds, perhaps) and even technological means (consider the Ethereals' state of being) before Light wielders got into the stuff.

wasnt there a trinket from the wrath expantion event that let you summon/proc a paladin ghost to help you fight?

if that item existed, wouldnt the next few steps down that path lead to a "light" lich. a soul bound to an object with a permanate repeatedly summoned physical form dependant on the existance of the object.

shaman should be able to create "lich" as well since the Ahnk reincarnation spells are just a step or two below lich spells.

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