PVP Tournament

You realise shadowcleave is dk / lock / healer right?

Ok, I was talking about warrplay? <--only logical name I could think of.

Which comp are you trying to refer too?




Please tell us the suspense is killing me.

EDIT: (Is it on this ladder?)

He means Warrior / Spriest / Healer, ie EU God Comp
2300 this season t2 full malv upgraded interested. hit me up ingame if anyones interested in partnering up with me, pref someone with similar experience :D
Some people were complaining about gear differences being a problem. Why not host it on the PTR. The patch is close to release so there is not much that is likely to change from PTR to live.
Rsham. Welcome Kermit.
people are already QQ about team comps before anything has happened. i hope this goes ahead cos the excuses when people lose are going to be entertaining
Looking for 10vs10 teams anyone wants a crazed Tahamoot on there side for 10v10
Updated. Not that surprised with the lack of interest ;-)
Put me down as interested in all arena brackets, but I would be much more keen if it was on the PTR due to how far behind the gear cuve I am.

Edit: Also willing to help organise if needed, I go back to uni next week so will have a bit more free time for the first half of the semester at least.
shad cleave > kfc? rofl

oops P.S. p sure taina and I would be keen for 3s if mirah came back some time soon :x
Eu godcomp>Godcomp
KFC>EU Godcomp


Edit: Just to clear up what I ment.
Zombie Chicken Cleave vs ... what do you call Boomy-Mage-Sham? Coward's Godcomp? (Chicken... geddit... har har)
Can't xrealm.
^Garbarge wintrader.
I don't normally like to get on board this train, but pretty sure...

No Dice confirmed #1 Barthilas in all forms of organised PVP

Server confirmed too intimidated to compete in every single bracket.

Lets make 10v10 more interesting Houk. In keeping with the old saying "put your money where your mouth is", I put up an extra 100k for the No Dice 10v10 team*. If we win, I keep it. If we are knocked out at any point, it goes to the eventual winner.

If you guys are still too scared to enter teams with a minimum 6-1 payout (looking at WBSH here especially) then you will be relentlessly reminded at every opportunity.

* offer void if crossrealm players are included in the bracket.

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