I am in a conundrum.

I want too play purely PVE elemental. however I see ALOT that elemental is one of the weakest specs atm to raid with. I don't like healing and am after a ranged dps class (already have a dk and warr melee). I currently also have a level 55 Lock. I enjoy playing them both equally.

My question is, Should i finish levelling my shammy? I'd like to see all the content and I don't know if i will based on some of the posts in here whereas a lock may be better to see all the content/solo stuff?
Elemental is fine, just put in the effort to not suck
Elemental has actually been great for me, I'm usually around top 5 DPS in LFR. You just need to know the basics and how to time your cooldowns effectively.

For instance, I see you're an herbalist. Setting up a macro to cast your Lifeblood haste increase, along with Spiritwalker's Grace, Unleash Elements, and Ascendance helps you be more mobile so you don't end up wasting a major cooldown, while giving your Lava Burst a little bit of a buff.

Don't let class rankings affect how and what you play. It's all about your comfort zone.
Shamans are only low on simmed fights where everything is done perfectly. We seem to do just fine in every instance I have seen other than perfect sims.
eh.. while the above posters are right in one respect, i feel that the low theoretical dps relative to other classes does impact performance a bit relative to equal peers.

If you want to play elemental, do it man. It's a fun spec and chain lightning is awesome, ascendance coupled with other cd's is a lot of fun too, so is using capacitor totem with the totemic projection talent, wisely using procs and talents to cover for a dead healer, etc... If you want to play elemental because it seems fun, well it is! Elemental usually isnt dead weight or anything,

If what you are after is to pwn with high dps, however, elemental is just not the best for that. We do have a pretty simple rotation, but even if you perform exquisitely it won't compare to an affliction lock or arcane mage of equal experience and proficiency. I would not say that elemental is dead weight or anything, but we do also happen to lack anything really good on the most troublesome fights right now- e.g. garalon where our cleave doesn't :(

Like I said though, if you want a fun class to play, i've loved elemental since 2005 and have never rerolled :D

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