[RP/Guild Recruitment] An Ideal Come True

Emerald Dream
Zhiang paced nervously around the city, anxious to hear word of the city's decision. He had presented the king with the charter by which he, with aid of several of his fellow Alliance members, had signed requesting for the Faithful to be allowed to exist. King Varian had sent his request to the guild masters of the city, yet no word had arrived in the last few hours.

The young monk began to wonder if he had done something wrong. After all, he was Pandaren! This new world was as strange to him as the yaks were to the humans who claimed to have found his motherland, Pandaria. He started to recollect his thoughts as to what might have happened when a young human boy ran up to him with a smile.

"Congratulations, Mr. Pandaren sir! Your charter has been approved by the city guild masters. Good luck to you and your new family!"

Zhiang chuckled, his worry and anticipation freeing themselves of his body. He thanked the young lad and, after giving him a nice tip, sent him on his way. There was no time to rest, however. The foundation had been laid, but now was the time for the actual building to begin. Those who were Faithful such as he to the Old Ways must be found!

((Faithful of the Ways, an all-Pandaren guild, is now up and running! We will not be advertising our existence, however. We are roleplay oriented with both PvE and PvP to boot. We are requesting that if you wish to join, please leave the childish attitude at the door. As one lady likes to say, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" We are based on the principles of humility, respect, honor, trust, patience,and family. Therefore, we understand if something in the real world does take precedence over the game.

If you are interested in joining the Faithful, please mail Zhiang an ingame letter with a date and time that you are available for an interview. Please keep in mind that we are brand new, so membership is zilch at the current moment. However, in order to progress, you must start somewhere.

Thank you for your time.))
((Just to provide an update:

The guild bank is now operational with six tabs ready to be used.

-Cooking Supply (After all, what's a Pandaren without a stable food supply?)
-Gems of Beauty
-Green Gear (also to be used for disenchanting materials)
-Rare Gear
-Epic Gear

Ventrilo and website are in the works. We hope to see you all in the Faithful.

Thank you for your time.))
((Forgot to mention:

To find anyone in the Faithful of the Ways family, type /join Faithful and ask for Zhiang. Again, that's /join Faithful. OR you can send me an ingame letter and I will respond as quickly as possible.

Thank you for your time.))
Oh grats on making your guild, I saw your charter request when I was flying through Stormwind on my lowbie panda monk and thought it was a cool idea. May put her in it eventually after a little thought. Good luck ))
(( I would be honored to add any Pandaren to the Faithful. Just bear in mind that since we are exclusive only to Pandaren that recruitment's going to be snail speed.

If you do decide to join, send me an ingame letter. I'll be home roughly around 10am EST today but I will be rather occupied the next few days as I prepare to head to Las Vegas on business.))
((Currently online.))
((I'll remember the name to spread around. I don't really RP anyone other than Anisse, but if I roll a Pandaren, I'll let you know! Good luck with starting up, I hope to see you out and about a lot in the coming weeks.))
((Thank you for the kind words, Anisse.))
((Friendly bump. Looking for more Pandaren.))
((I will be offline for the next 24 hours as I will be en route to Las Vegas. Please send me an ingame letter or post on this thread if you have any questions pertaining to the Faithful or if you are seeking to set up an interview. Thank you for your time.))
(( Bump!! <3 ))
((Back up and running! See you all ingame, and we are always looking for more Pandaren. Thank you for your time.))
Nice! Sending you all best wishes for your guild - and I'll definitely keep you in mind for any Ally-side Pandaren I roll!
((Thank you for the kind words, Seyahat. It truly is appreciated.

We are still recruiting more Pandaren, so please don't hesitate to ask me any questions as far as the guild's direction and the future of the guild is concerned. I will be online for anyone willing to chat.

Thank you for your time.))
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Akemi approached the pacing Pandaren, a smile across her face. She ran her fingers through the blue streak of hair, tangling it with the red.

She looked down at the piece of paper she held and looked back at the man. "E-Excuse me? Zihang?"

Her button nose wrinkled and her whiskers shuffled in the wind. "I'm looking for a new family." She looked deep into his eyes and hoped.

((Had my wisdom teeth pulled, meant to comment on this earlier, currently feeling really good on some medications. lol! ))
((Greetings to all once more! I am proud to say that our guild website is finally operational! Please visit us at www.faithfulofpandaria.enjin.com! Our application process is finally ready, so please start filling them out and contacting myself or another of the Faithful! Thank you for your time, and we hope to see you in Pandaria!))
((Daily bump. Always seeking more Pandaren.))
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