[RP/Guild Recruitment] An Ideal Come True

Emerald Dream
The feng shui of Page Two is all wrong.
Our first weekly roleplay story is now up! Please go read and comment on "Fury of the Tiger", told by myself!


As usual, we are always seeking more Pandaren. Simply speak with me ingame!
*sends the recruitment message back to the top with a swipe of his walking cane*
We are now level 2! Come join the family as we start making preparations to defend our homelands against all threats, both Sha and of the Horde. We will also be hosting roleplay events in various areas of Alliance territories!

Remember, an in character interview is required AND you must be Pandaren. Please speak with me ingame to schedule an interview.
Back to page one we go!
Back to page 1!
Page 3? I think not.

*roundhouse kicks the recruitment up to page one*
The Faithful have reached level 3.

With the bonds of family, anything is possible, and we are seeking more Pandaren who are mature roleplayers seeking a home. We are starting to host roleplay events along with weekend WPvP and PvE days.

For more information, send a letter to Zhiang ingame or join our channel by typing /join Faithful. We also have a website @ faithfulofpandaria.enjin.com for those who are interested in filling out an application (just note that the app isn't required unless you want website access).

Thank you for your time, and please keep an eye on the forums for this week's RP story from the Faithful, as written by Akemi!

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