How am i lookin ?

i took about a 3 month break from wow (pc was dead) And i just wanted to know how am i lookin gear wise ? am I gemming correctly and reforging right ?

All advice is greatly appreciated

Feel free to rate the transmog too :)
To my knowledge gemming & gearing look fine. I'd enchant whats not enchanted.

Also a side note for your xmog as a suggestion. See if the blue highlights look better than green.

I've seen a few female pandarens do this with their color themes and it looks great.
the green is actually an homage to the first toon I ever lvled he was an undead mage with green liberty spikes and since hes long retired i do this for myself to never forget where i came from

/end RP :)
Aha ok I see.

I can ammend to that, I've been alliance since beginning of BC its hard to not stay alliance X_X
anyone else wanna chime in here ? i wanna make sure im doin it right
Lookin' fine ;3
02/20/2013 06:49 PMPosted by Fistlobster
Lookin' fine ;3

Thanks :)

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