Well... thats just stupid...

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I'm sure there is a good reason behind it or a high possiblity i dont have the mental capacity to accompish it but... correct me if i am wrong... I have to buy (not a problem ) and "re download the ENTIRE game..." to play on an EU server, i travel quite often and i dont like the lag i have to deal with when playing with peeps from US... seriously. i wouldn't mind buying both copies of the game but seriously, downloading the whole game (considering its up to 20 gigs now) all over again is a little extreme...

ways to fix this (mac)

any bright ideas... sheesh.
There could be a way of downloading an extra locale file for the EU servers.

Unsupported method tho.

Try adding :

SET portal eu

To the config.wtf inside the WTF folder of the wow folder. Then open from teh Launcher.

If you want to set it back change the eu part of the portal line to us.

Bear in mind this comes completely unsupported so please take appropriate backups. Also completely untested by me so I'm not sure if this even going to work so again take appropriate backups.

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