Should I level my H-paly for Holy PvP?

I quit playing my holy paly after they nerfed Holy Radiance. No longer instant and no longer providing a speed buff was a big hit. I loved using that ability all over the place in RBG's.

So. Should I resurrect my H-paly for 5.2 PvP?

I love RBG's. Are H-palies currently good in RBG's? And if so why? Will 5.2 reduce thier effectiveness?

Arena's: Are H-palies currently good in Arena's? And if so why? Will 5.2 reduce thier effectiveness?
H-pallies are good in literally all aspects of the game right now, save a few fights in high end raiding.

Believe me, even with the blinding light nerf, it'll still be a !@#$% to kill a skilled one.
if anything, 5.2 will be a slight buff to holy pallies in pvp, given that the set bonus now gives 1 holy power when flash of light is cast, means less beacon swapping for holy power generation and overall smoother burst heals imo.
Too bad you haven't been playing all of 5.1 as we are easily the strongest healer in terms of pvp.

5.2 we will be seeing cc nerfs (cast time blinding light and longer cast time on repent) as well as insta cast heal nerfs (change in 4 piece pvp set bonus) resulting in less insta cast heals And having to hard cast more, however, we won't have to beacon juggle with FoL giving us more spread healing but causing us to be more susceptible to interrupts.

I still think hpals will be strong but with the monk buffs they may be hot on our heals. I also think I saw disc priest buffs but not sure how that will play out against paladins.

Hope this helps.

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