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Death Knight
Hey all,

I've been dabbling in PvP here and there this season, and I understand the mechanics of pvp power and that Blizzard separated PvE from PvP with PvP power.

Question is, considering I PvP as 2handed Frost, my main form of damage is from Obliterate, as such, would there be a limit where top end weapon damage from a PvE weapon outweighs the gain from PvP Power?

Just wondering since I'm using the T1 PvP weapon upgraded twice, but also have normal Shin'ka that's upgraded twice and the upgraded Shin'ka has something along the lines of 4k higher top end damage.

Thanks for any replies!
It's around a 25% increase in weapon damage to go from the T1 wep to Shin'ka for the loss of about 20% PvP Power. However you're also gaining 300 Strength (plus another 500 and/or 160 if you do the legendary questlines).

Basically, it'll be close, but I think overall you'll get bigger Obliterates with Shin'ka and since 2H depends so much on weapon damage, I'd favor the axe over the T1 weapon.

PS I love your transmog.
Thanks for liking the Transmog! \(^.^)/

Hmmm I was thinking that would be about right. I tried dueling a friend of mine just to find out base damage for Obliterates with Diseases and only KM procs to determine the crits.

Shin'ka seemed to hit consistently harder per Obliterate 5-6k more. And the trade off was roughly 600 damage less PER Howling Blast. So it seemed like a decent trade off.

I could see PvP power being more valuable to UH or DW Frost if that makes sense.

Feel free to mock and ridicule me if I'm wrong.

The pvp weapon is essential. That's a large chunk of resilience that is an absolute necessity for pvp.
The resilience is amazing though. You're right about that.

I lose about 1.6% resilience when I do swap out the T1 weapon for Shin'ka.

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