4/12H - 25 Man 10CST LF Healer&Ranged!

Guild Recruitment
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<Resurrected> is a late night raiding guild located on the Sargeras server. We are a group formed of people who are up late, work jobs that won't permit you to log on until after most conventional raiding guilds are done raiding and so on. We have been established for three years now, and have quickly climbed the ranks on our server. Our leadership is well organized and hasn't changed since the guild was conceived. We don't believe in drama, and it is handled immediately if there is any present. Our guild has a laid back atmosphere in general, but like everyone else that makes a recruitment post says, gets super serious when need be. The guild is level 25, provides flasks and repairs for our raiders that make it through their 30-day trial period.

Server Transfers
If you are a server transfer and we are recruiting your class, do not hesitate to apply. We know the value of money and the amount of time it takes to find a guild that fits your needs. Providing you match everything you have described on paper, you will be given a chance to raid and to make it passed your trial period to become a long-term raider with us. If you just bought your account off Ebay, struggle with basic mechanics and have little insight to how your class operates, please do not apply to save us both time and yourself money.

Raiding Atmosphere and Server Information
<Resurrected> is a perfect mix of hardcore and casual. We take raiding seriously when needed, but don't have the elitist attitude many other guilds seem to have. If you're looking to down content while having fun doing it, and bashing your face when you need to, look no further. We all run heroics and raids on our alts on off nights, and finding a group of our players to run with is not usually difficult. The server itself hosts a variety of successful pug runs, including new and old content. Sargeras is a great place to be for any alliance player. Please see our links at the bottom of this page for more information on Sargeras.What do we expect from you?

Experience: You should have experience from all of the content that we have downed. Know how to play your class and play it well. Read up and stay paced with changes and adapt to them quickly.

Dedication: We want players who want to be here. To focus as a team. If one player fails, we all fail. Give every fight your all and play like it's a kill, even if it looks like a wipe. It's not about the gear, it's about downing content as a team.

Constructive Input: If you have an idea or see something happening, let us know. Be vocal, but in a respectful manner and do not over-talk people, especially the raid leader. A microphone and willingness to communicate with the guild is a huge plus.

Raiding Schedule:
10:00PM - 1:30AM CST (8PM-12:30AM PST, 11PM-2:30AM EST)
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday with Thursday being used for an auxiliary night for new content.
Note: Raids usually conclude before schedule, but can sometimes exceed the schedule
***Required Raid Nights are Monday - Wednesday with 75% monthly attendance***

Our current raiding highlights are as follows:

★4/12HThrone of Thunder
★10/16H Tier 14 Raids

AMAZING players of the following classes are desired for immediate raid spots:

As of 5/5/2013
-Resto Shaman
-Mistweaver Monk
-Elemental Shaman
-Enhancement Shaman
-Exceptional Ranged and Melee

If your class is listed above, please contact us in-game for more information.

Website: www.Resurrected-Sargeras.com
Contacts: Rydhia, Madison, Jetz, Karatebob, Rainspeaker
FAQ and Policies: http://www.resurrected-sargeras.com/forum/showthread.php?t=2
Server Rankings: http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/sargeras
Horde / Alliance Ratio: http://www.wowrealmstatus.net/servers/us/sargeras.php

A Mumble conversation can be arranged, please get in contact with one of our officers if you wish to do so.
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