[A] <Post Mortem> Recruiting!!!!

<Post Mortem> is currently recruiting all pvpers.

We are a fairly new guild formed late this season looking to add onto our rosters. Our main focus are Rated Battlegrounds and Arenas. Looking to push rating once 5.2 is released. All casuals are welcome. So if you love to pvp and are looking for a great home this is the place for you!

All are welcome to come join, we run RBGs at least 4 to 5 times a week and always have arenas going on.

Requirements for RBG groups:
-Must have a mic and be able to talk.
-Have Dolby Axon / skype
-Be a decent player
- Have full pvp gear.

In all honestly we don't care if you a 2200 player or a 1500 player. Our main concern is someone who can listen and react properly during rated battlegrounds. We believe team work trumps everything and is our main focus moving forward.

RBG times: (may change)

1st group
Monday - 8pm server
Wednesday - 8pm server
Thursday 8pm server

Our 2nd group is still a work in progress but the times are mainly weekend oriented:

Tuesday - 8pm server
Friday - 7pm server
Satuday - 7pm server

Currently recruiting all classes! All are welcome to join.

Highest Need ATM.
-Frost Mage
-Balance Druid
-Resto shaman
-2nd Flag Carrier (preferably druid or warrior)

All classes are welcome to join. If you are interested or have any questions please PST any officer online or just leave a post on this forum and we can go from there.

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