This sums up pvp and why disc is off

02/14/2013 12:09 AMPosted by Ilkoland
One could argue that disc priests used to be quite offensive with their shadow spells and dispels in previous expansions. And as far as I can remember, it wasn't that unbalanced.

It used to be there was a middle ground between "burst you dead" and "ineffectual baby slaps". There was room for classes and specs that brought pressure, a steady and moderate stream of damage that forced healers to divide their resources and opened up opportunities if not handled well.

That doesn't exist right now. It's probably not a good thing that it doesn't exist, but that's the reality of the current PvP environment. The two weapons that matter are burst and control, and there's no role for pressure from a healer's DPS that doesn't end up 5.0 Shockadin again.
I think this is the worst PVP season I've ever played.
Disc isn't off because of any middle ground. It's off because it doesn't do anything better than other healers.

I'm sure survivability will be great in 5.2 and then what? You're still going to have less CC than every other healer. You are still going to have less cooldowns to keep your partners alive than a HPal or RSham. You're still going to have less utility (Mass Dispel doesn't compare to Freedom, Tremor, etc).

So what? I'm sure 5.2 will bring a better PvP environment than now in 5.1 and everything will be better whether Shadow or Disc. The problem is there's no real reason to play a Disc unless you just don't feel like putting the time into your choice of any other healer (because in 5.2 Monks won't be tied for last anymore).
Disc blows because you have to do damage to gain a buff.

That is completely and utterly the dumbest design ever invented. That alone explains why Disc under performs. The design and play style has been ruined.

I used to love disc, but now it is really a mediocre toon that dies too easy, runs out of mana all the time while you watch other healers NEVER RUN OUT OF MANA. Thanks to ghostcrawler and his unreasonable nerf to phantasm, it's just another thorn to jab the Disc rib that ultimately makes the class weak, no fun to play, more aggravating to play, and sad that a once mighty toon has turned into such garbage.

Once again, thank ghostcrawler for summing up Pvp and why Disc is off.
I haven't done any arena this season on my priest, but I could see that talent turning holy fire into the instant being an interesting ability. Can use it since it's instant on cd, then have 25%+ healing archangel as a CD. Combine that with the extra focused will and 2 extra glyph slots...should help a lot.

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