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Going guardian, or Boomkin for RBGs? I am trying to factor in the changes that will occur in 5.2 with gear, and many other things. I also heard someone say that hybrid healing was getting a buff? I find that I can excel in both roles. I have a 1500 rated DK FC that I am very good with, and I know quite well how to run a flag, and survive when I am getting focused. I am also very good with crowd control when our teams FC is running the flag, and in other situations in RBGs that require it. I think Boomy's are excellent with CC, and they have amazing damage/burst. So, I am a bit torn as to what path to start gearing? Thoughts?
Guardian is really good for BGs apparently. And we get new awesome set bonuses in 5.2.

Can't really comment on Boomkin.
Boomkin. Easy question.
Well every high rated group wants both a guardian and a boom so neither is a bad choice :P

The question is do you prefer FCing/guarding empty nodes the whole game, or doing a ton of dot-cleave dmg and watching multiple crit starsurges wreck people :D

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