As of tomorrow afternoon...

Emerald Dream
02/14/2013 07:48 AMPosted by Sïck
See you in about a year! Oi!!


I've seen you around a bit (forums & in game) & you ganked me a time or two in Hellfire but still much love =)
02/15/2013 08:45 AMPosted by Graphite
The Shado-Pan intro chain into Townlong Steppes is definitely not a kid's comedy. Investigation of Yaungol attacks leads to Suna Silentstrike's saddening story of hatred for Ban Bearheart.

Honestly, I just about started crying there. I couldn't imagine what I would do if I had been held back when I had found out my spouse was killed while a P.O.W. and his body was still warm. And to top that insult to injury off, he was also holding a handkerchief with my initials in his dying hand. Yeah, really not sure I'd need the Sha of Hatred to get me there.

Not kid stuff imo, but it's just me, I realize.

However, I wish you the best, Sick.

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