[A] 481 disc priest/474 holy paladin LF guild

Hi all,

I am currently looking for a casual raiding guild, or a guild that does a lot of old content achievement runs. I work shifts so I cannot commit to a certain raid schedule, but I will try to make as many as possible. I am looking for one that is EST based, any time after 9 am and ending no later than 11 pm is fine with me, but all I ask is that I am allowed to attend raids when I can and won't get yelled at if I cannot make a certain raid, or even worse, gkicked.

I only have LFR experience this tier as I came from a server with horrible progression (Moon Guard) and very, very few raiding opportunities. I will always research fights before hand and not just show up to a raid not knowing what to do.

Also, do note I haven't really mix/maxed my characters yet as I have not been raiding but if I do get into a decent guild I will start enchanting and reforging all of my gear.

Thank you for reading this! Best way to contact me is my b-tag which is Quorina#1231.

P.S. I do have Ret has an offspec for this toon but I absolutely refuse to raid as Ret. For my priest I can switch out my holy spec (as I do often) and go shadow with that as an OS, but I would prefer to be a dedicated healer with both toons.

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