Wanting in game advice for Destro/Demo

I have some oddball questions concerning both Demonology and Destruction. I don't really mind doing it on the forums but it is so much easier either in game or in vent/skype/mumble.

If a 16/16hc player could hit me up in game any time I would greatly appreciate it. I am trying to stay ahead of the game for the patch coming up and every situation possible which means playing different specs on farm content currently. I shouldn't take up to much of your time in game and maybe you might have some questions concerning affliction and want to go over parses together (sounds nerdy but I don't care).


-Thanks in advance
I might steal your H-Sha of Fear demonology parse so I can try out demo next week on it, although you're clearly not on ball duty like I am so I guess that gives you more freedom :)

Are your current gems/enchants for your Demo spec?
I am the 3rd or extra person the ball gets thrown to in our 10man group so I guess you can say I am on ball duty but not full time.

After we got Heroic Elite Protectorrs last night I was finally able to regem and start playing demo (and maybe even destruction on a select few fights) so I also went the full course and regemmed. That was only our second Sha kill and we didn't do too many attempts with me as demo so I didn't get that much practice in but towards the last 2-3 attempts I think I got the gist of demo for that fight.

I guess I am not surprised that I got #4 parse on it seeing as how people only seem to be playing affliction for everything this tier. I am sure that I am not the best by far in that spec and in a matter of a week or two about 20 people will pass me up. It was fun to try something different and the spec was stronger in p1 than I thought it would be minus the pull which Affliction accels at.

I would still love it if someone helped me out with the ins and outs of Demonology and Destruction. The later especially.
Heading out to work but I will be back around 10est tonight. I would still really love any helpful tips on boss fights for Destruction that people might have. I will be attempting to Demo/Destro every fight next week and will need all the help I can get to do well.
:( where are all the helpful people! I don't want to go into raid and screw up a few things because I didn't get those super helpful tips from all of those amazing players out there. I of course have read tons of forum posts and what not but any first hand experiences with lining stuff up or good positioning will help a bunch.

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