[H] The Wolves of War 4/12 ToT Recruiting

LF a casual-progression oriented guild? Able to raid on east coast times despite being on a pacific time server? Appreciate microbrews, Zima, and references to 80's pop culture? Then <The Wolves of War> might be right for you!

Quickie version:
  • Raids: 10m Raid Nights - Tu/Th/Su 6-9 Server
  • Current Tier Progression: ToT 1-4
  • Needs: 1 Healer/dps Hybrid (prefer druid/monk/sham if possible).
  • Us: Old and crotchety (but in a charming way), Loot is open roll - we trust people to be considerate, and drama is pretty non-existent.
  • Website: http://www.wolvesofwar.com/forums/index.php <-App there or if you're lazy like me, just hit up any of these people in game for info: me, Dday, Heph, Lrdscarecrow, or Vyyxxen.
  • ...

    We transferred from the black hole of fun that was Draka in early January. Due to our old server having only 8 people online during peak hours, our progression got off to a slow start this tier. Nevertheless, we have cleared Terrace normal and gotten 5 HMs down in the month since coming over. Not amazing, but not bad. Many of us have been raiding together since Wrath and this particular raid group has been together since Firelands where we were 7/8HM and DS 8/8HM. Generally, we push progression pretty hard but within the confines of our raid schedule.

    We're all in our late 20's-30's, and we routinely ditch our jobs, girlfriend's, wives, and children to raid together. That said, we are very understanding if raids need to be missed as long as you let us know in advance. We're not keeping track of attendance like the principals' office assistant, but prio goes to those who show up regularly.

    Come one come some
    As mentioned above, we could really use a Healer/Dps hybrid - ideally a Sham/Monk/Druid. We currently have zero monks and zero caster druids if that's any incentive to people. We'll consider package deals or trades for gold and a raider to be named later.

    I'll be your Huckleberry. I'll look for you ingame and be there at raid time on Sunday.
    ilvl 497 bear tank
    ilvl 491 feral offspec


    dropped you a line ingame
    You had me at 497 and Tombstone. Will find you in-game. Still room for (at least) one more!
    bump for a hybrid
    Heph your avatar bears a striking resemblance to your RL appearance :P
    Bump for 5.2! Healer/Dps hybrids don't be shy.
    and up!
    After a week of raiding Wolves is 4/12 in 5.2!

    Still looking for a hybrid!
    Druids and Monks

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