Is the new Legendary meta gem good for us?

I ask this because it adds Crit, which to my knowledge is our worst secondary stat (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong). Sure it has a proc, but does that proc make up for the loss of all the strength on the strength meta gem?
According to the proc rates GC listed, we have the second highest chance for it to proc next to Feral druids, which probably makes up for it.
Some napkin math:
The proc has a base RPPM of 15, multiplied by 1.923 for Ret, so ~29 RPPM. With ~20% haste, we're actually looking at ~34 procs per minute, or 6.8 lightning strikes per minute. With 30k AP (which is a pretty conservative figure - I have that now, unbuffed, in t14 "LFR hero" gear), the lightning bolt does 22780 damage, so that's ~155k of lightning bolt damage per minute, or ~2.6k DPS, which is substantially better than the strength AND crit damage on a Reverberating gem. The 324 crit rating is pure gravy; the proc alone makes it worth using.

So... yeah, with the current numbers, it looks to be pretty good for us.
Uuumm, interesting.

I need to look this up. I assume its pve, but that sounds like a nice bump or our sustained.... so maybe it will be good in pvp as well?? Crit is a nice stat for ret pvp right now since mastery double dips and it helps with heals.

As i said this is the first i have heard of this gem so i need to do more research, but my first impression is its pretty good for pvp.
It may be, but (without having done any calculations) I would expect the Tyrannical meta to be significantly better for PvP.
I thought crit and mastery were equal for rets?
Very nearly equal, yes. Minor fluctuations between specific setups can be enough to reverse which is technically the worst stat, but in any case they aren't far apart.
Roughly. They can flipflop for certain gear sets, but they're both way below anything else.

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