[H]<Gimped> 3/16H LF 1 DPS

<Gimped> is recruiting a 1 DPS for our core 10man raid group.


Guild Info:
<Gimped> is a 10man guild focused on PVE. The core group has raided together for many years and had plenty of experience with endgame raiding. We are currently seeking a few more skilled players to fill out our raid.

Currently 3/16 Heroic 16/16 Normal

We formed back in vanilla wow and raided up through the end of BC. We had nearly all of the server first kills during that time. We were rated in the Top 100 US for PVE. We took a break in Wolk and Cata, but many still continued to raid and gain raiding experience throughout those expansions. When mists came out we reformed; New Game, New Rules!

We have a casually hardcore mindset when it comes to raiding, hence the 2 day raid schedule. We want to have fun and enjoy ourselves while raiding, while making sure that the bosses(heroic and normal alike) crumble before us.

Balance Druid

Raid Times:
Tuesday: 7pm-11pm PST
Thrusday: 7PM-11PM PST

If interested apply here http://gimped.enjin.com/

If you have any questions about us you can PM me (Unhòly) or any member on the site or message any member in game.

GM: Unhòly (thing451#1381)
Officer: Bizbe (Hive#1769)
Updated Recruitment
Updated Recruitment
Updated Recruitment
I have stumbled across your forum post and have been very interested. I have a 489 ele/resto/enh shaman. I was in a hardcore raiding guild on moon guard server named <Demonic Hordes> and then they broke apart into a 10 man group. If you would like a shaman please catch me in game, or a warlock as I also am leveling one of those to be in 5.2 if needed. My real id is sweeney2444@hotmail.com. I have been a hardcore raider since early wrath and am looking forward to getting back to that mentality again. Thanks for the time and consideration!
Hey apollose,

We already have an enhance and elemental shaman. We really need a warlock, but we can talk in game about it.

I'll send you a real id request, and perhaps can talk after our raid tonight or tomorrow.
Are you set on a warlock, 498 hunter here

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