Best spec for leveling?

Hi there! I'm not too entirely new to the game, but I am new to rogues. My first one just hit level 10, and...I'm not sure which spec to go with.

Assassination sounds nice, but..I have no idea what to pick.

You are able to level with any of the 3, and you should eventually try all of them out. But, in the meantime, Combat will be better for leveling due to it's faster energy regain, and lack of positional requirements.
With Combat, you also get cleave damage, allowing you to take on more than 1 mob.

Mut is good when you get Venomous Wounds. When you kill a target that had Rupture, you get a heaps load of energy back, lowering downtime.

Can't speak for Subt. I mostly leveled Mut ages ago and dabbled in Combat.
I think sub is great... Ambush with prep > Evis..... Any mob can handle
Thanks! It's all much appreciated. :) I'll definitely give all three a shot eventually, but will try and go with Combat first.
Be sure to check out the sticky leveling guide for more info and even a few videos to help explain things.

Happy stabbing. :)
02/15/2013 03:38 AMPosted by Troelvah
With Combat, you also get cleave damage, allowing you to take on more than 1 mob.

Just wanna note that, within the next couple of weeks (as soon as Patch 5.2 comes out), this won't be as true, since Combat's cleave will do less damage against 2-3 targets.

Regardless, I've never bought into the whole "Combat is better while leveling because you can fight two mobs at once" thing. A huge number of quests don't involve killing anything at all -- and many of those that *do* involve killing require targeting killing of specific NPCs (which means that, as a rogue, we can stealth past most other mobs to get to them).

Sure, when you do find yourself fighting two things at once, flicking on Blade Flurry will help you kill those two things slightly faster than if you killed one at a time with BF off. But we're talking quest mobs, here: They'll typically die within a few seconds regardless.
02/15/2013 08:20 AMPosted by Rfeann
I've never bought into the whole "Combat is better while leveling because you can fight two mobs at once" thing.
Me neither. It seemed like it was a stronger way to level back in BC but I couldn't get into it. That was also before Venomous Wounds, which to me is way stronger now by just Rupturing multiple targets.

When I leveled, Mut had a positional requirement and mobs would die within a 10 second stunlock. Things are a little more resilient in Pandaland but any spec seems to do the trick.

I say level with your favorite spec.
Yep, pick your spec. Just make sure to grab deadly momentum glyph so you can spend more combo points pew pewing.
Go assassination and never look back.
I found assassination to be the easiest/fastest. Drop ruptures on three mobs at a time for nonstop mutilates via venomous wounds. Blind one (dirty tricks makes this more fun) and then leeching poison/shiv will keep you up vs. the other two. However, if you plan on playing sub in a pvp envirnment, the longer you spend tuning your reflexes the better you'll do so it might pay to start learning that. World pvp and some of the harder quests in cata/pandaria content will make good practice
I've been leveling this toon using Assassination but I'm going to try out Subtlety. Assassination is just the spec I'm the most comfortable with which always helps.
I started another new rogue this weekend. I'm all about sub, but I spend a lot of time in BGs and love positional attacks. So many players can do nothing to keep you off of their backs once you get the hang of it. If mobs live through my opener/evis, I often gouge then slide around for a back stab- just about the only time I can BS while questing.

I haven't "leveled combat" since wrath- it was all about maximizing BS damage then, through a 3 tree combat heavy spec. I've done most quests, run instances ad nauseam, and prefer to kill actual people. I find sub does that well.

Great thing is, lowbie rogue levels past "fun" brackets (or to where one has another rogue), send boas to the next and delete.

: )

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